determinant of fosfomycin resistance

Accession ARO:3000271
DefinitionEnzymes, other proteins or other gene products shown clinically to confer resistance to fosfomycin antibiotics.
Drug Classfosfomycin
Classification3 ontology terms | Show
Parent Term(s)2 ontology terms | Show
+ confers_resistance_to_drug_class fosfomycin [Drug Class]
+ determinant of antibiotic resistance
9 ontology terms | Show
+ fosfomycin inactivation enzyme
+ murA transferase [AMR Gene Family]
+ GlpT [AMR Gene Family]
+ UhpT [AMR Gene Family]
+ UhpA
+ PtsI phosphotransferase [AMR Gene Family]
+ cya adenylate cyclase [AMR Gene Family]
+ Fom phosphotransferase family [AMR Gene Family]
+ fosC phosphotransferase family [AMR Gene Family]

Thaker M, et al. 2010. Cell Mol Life Sci 67(3): 419-431. The tetracycline resistome. (PMID 19862477)

Nilsson AI, et al. 2003. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 47(9): 2850-2858. Biological costs and mechanisms of fosfomycin resistance in Escherichia coli. (PMID 12936984)