hydroxypropylphosphonic acid epoxidase

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Accession ARO:3000469
Synonym(s)Fom4 HppE
DefinitionThe enzyme responsible for the final step of fosfomycin biosynthesis. It converts S-2-hydroxypropylphosphonic acid (S-HPP) into fosfomycin via an oxidative cyclalization reaction. It uses Iron (II) or Zinc (II) as cofactors.
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McLuskey K, et al. 2005. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 102(40): 14221-14226. Structure and reactivity of hydroxypropylphosphonic acid epoxidase in fosfomycin biosynthesis by a cation- and flavin-dependent mechanism. (PMID 16186494)

Higgins LJ, et al. 2005. Nature 437(7060): 838-844. Structural insight into antibiotic fosfomycin biosynthesis by a mononuclear iron enzyme. (PMID 16015285)