The Comprehensive Antibiotic Resistance Database

A bioinformatic database of resistance genes, their products and associated phenotypes.

6453 Ontology Terms, 4937 Reference Sequences, 1788 SNPs, 2775 Publications, 4983 AMR Detection Models

Resistome predictions: 263 pathogens, 14795 chromosomes, 2675 genomic islands, 30591 plasmids, 105556 WGS assemblies, 231629 alleles

CARD Bait Capture Platform 1.0.0 | State of the CARD 2021 Presentations & Demonstrations


The CARD is a rigorously curated collection of characterized, peer-reviewed resistance determinants and associated antibiotics, organized by the Antibiotic Resistance Ontology (ARO) and AMR gene detection models.


The CARD includes tools for analysis of molecular sequences, including BLAST and the Resistance Gene Identifier (RGI) software for prediction of resistome based on homology and SNP models.


CARD data and ontologies can be downloaded in a number of formats. RGI software is available as a command-line tool. CARD Bait Capture Platform sequences and protocol available for download.

Resistomes, Variants, & Prevalence

Computer-generated resistome predictions for 263 important pathogens. Includes sequence variants beyond those reported in the scientific literature, as well as prevalence statistics for AMR genes among pathogens, genomes, and plasmids.


The CARD:Live project collects pathogen identification, MLST, AMR gene list, date, and geographical region for genome sequences submitted to RGI online, providing a dynamic view of antibiotic resistant isolates being analyzed around the world.