pertussis toxin

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Accession VIRO:0000102
Definitionpertussis toxin (Ptx) from Bordetella pertussis is a member of the A-B bacterial toxin superfamily, Ptx is a hexameric protein comprising five distinct subunits, designated S1-S5 arranged in an A-B structure. The A protomer, consisting of the enzymatically active S1 subunit. The B oligomer, formed by the remaining S2-S5 subunits. The B oligomer binds to eukaryotic cell membranes and dramatically increases the efficiency with which the S1 subunit gains entry into host cells.
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Locht C, et al. 2011. FEBS J. 278(23):4668-82 The ins and outs of pertussis toxin. (PMID 21740523)