CARD Short Name

Accession ARO:3007018
DefinitionA CARD-specific abbreviation for AMR gene names associated with Antibiotic Resistance Ontology terms, often not based on the literature. This is used for programmatic and compatibility purposes and is not ontologically relevant. Each ontology term with an associated AMR detection model has a CARD Short Name that appears in CARD data files and output generated by RGI. If the original gene name is less than 15 characters, the CARD short name is identical; if the gene name is greater than 15 characters, the CARD Short Name has been abbreviated by CARD curators specifically to identify the proper gene or protein name. All CARD Short Names are unique and have whitespace characters replaced by underscore characters. The convention for pathogen names is capitalized first letter of the genus followed by the lowercase first three letters of the species name. The antibiotic abbreviations are from plus some custom abbreviations by the CARD curators. Simple CARD Short Names often do not involve either, e.g. CTX-M-15, but where applicable the CARD Short Names follow pathogen_gene or pathogen_gene_drug. The full lists of abbreviations can be found in the CARD Downloads:
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