antibiotic resistant ndh [AMR Gene Family]

Accession ARO:3003460
Definitionndh is a NADH oxidase. It participates in antibiotic resistance by diminishing NADH oxidation and consequently causes an increase in NADH concentration and depletion of NAD+. This alteration of the NADH/NAD+ ratio prevents the peroxidation reactions required for the activation of INH, as well as the displacement of the NADH-isonicotinic acyl complex from InhA enzyme binding site.
Drug Classisoniazid
Resistance Mechanismantibiotic target alteration
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Cardoso RF, et al. 2007. Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz 102(1): 59-61. Characterization of ndh gene of isoniazid resistant and susceptible Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from Brazil. (PMID 17294000)