co-dependent single resistance variant

Accession MO:0000023
DefinitionA model parameter to describe mutations in multiple genes or proteins where resistance is co-dependent on each. For example, the G247S SNP in M. tuberculosis gyrA does not confer resistance to fluoroquinolones. However, when the D500N SNP is also present in gyrB, resistance is conferred. In this case, gyrA G247S is co-dependent on gyrB D500N to confer resistance. This parameter is noted on relevant models with the following notation: [cvterm-id-gene-1],[gene-1-SNP]+[cvterm-id-gene-2],[gene-2-SNP]+ ... +[cvterm-id-gene-n],[gene-n-SNP] e.g. 39879,G247S+40052,D500N. This parameter is not currently included in any detection algorithms.
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