frameshift mutation

Accession MO:0000024
DefinitionA frameshift is a type of genetic mutation caused by a nucleotide insertion or deletion that does not equal 3 bases. This changes the grouping of codons and thus the reading frame during translation, resulting in an incomplete or inactive protein product. Many frameshift mutations generate downstream STOP codons, resulting in premature peptide translation termination. Frameshifts may also confer antibiotic resistance through partial or total protein loss-of-function. Frameshift mutations are included with relevant models when applicable, with the following notation: [wild-type AA][position]fs;[[wild-type AA][position]STOP], where AA is an amino acid. If the premature STOP codon position is unknown or does not exist, [wild-type AA][position]fs is sufficient. Termination can also be denoted as: Ter[position]fs. This parameter is currently not included in detection algorithms.
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