chrysomycin A [Antibiotic]

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Accession ARO:3007679
DefinitionChrysomycin A (ChryA) is a benzonaphthopyranone glycoside with rapid bactericidal activity that is highly active against S. aureus persisters, robustly eradicates biofilms in vitro, and shows a sustainable killing efficacy in vivo. Chrysomycin A belongs to the coumarin class of antibiotics which are known to bind gyrase subunit B and inhibit the enzyme function.
Drug Classaminocoumarin antibiotic
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Jia J, et al. 2023. Sci Adv 9(31):eadg5995 Killing of Staphylococcus aureus persisters by a multitarget natural product chrysomycin A. (PMID 37540745)