panipenem [Antibiotic]

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Accession ARO:3003708
DefinitionPanipenem is a carbapenem antibacterial agent with a broad spectrum of in vitro activity covering a wide range of Gram-negative and Gram-positive aerobic and anaerobic bacterial. It is used in combination with betamipron to inhibit panipenem uptake into the renal tubule and prevent nephrotoxicity.
Drug Classcarbapenem
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+ carbapenem [Drug Class]
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+ MexAB-OprM confers_resistance_to_antibiotic
+ MexAB-OprM with MexR mutations confers resistance to multiple antibiotics confers_resistance_to_antibiotic

Goa KL, et al. 2003. Drugs 63(9):913-25; discussion 926 Panipenem/betamipron. (PMID 12678575)