daptomycin resistant agrA [AMR Gene Family]

Accession ARO:3003804
DefinitionMutations to the regulatory gene agrA confer daptomycin resistance.
Drug Classpeptide antibiotic
Resistance Mechanismantibiotic target alteration
Classification8 ontology terms | Show
Parent Term(s)3 ontology terms | Show
+ antibiotic resistant gene variant or mutant
+ confers_resistance_to_antibiotic daptomycin [Antibiotic]
+ confers_resistance_to_drug_class peptide antibiotic [Drug Class]
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Song Y, et al. 2013. PLoS One 8(3): E58469. Additional routes to Staphylococcus aureus daptomycin resistance as revealed by comparative genome sequencing, transcriptional profiling, and phenotypic studies. (PMID 23554895)

Benson MA, et al. 2012. J. Bacteriol. 194(16):4355-65 Rot and SaeRS cooperate to activate expression of the staphylococcal superantigen-like exoproteins. (PMID 22685286)