no association with resistance TB

Accession MO:0000053
DefinitionThis parameter is part of a confidence model for AMR developed by the Relational Sequencing Tuberculosis Data platform (ReSeqTB, The confidence model is based on the likelihood ratio test (LR+) statistic that is used to evaluate whether mutations are positively or negatively associated with phenotypic resistance. The LR+ is derived from a drug susceptibility test, testing sensitivity and specificity. Under the null hypothesis of no association, the LR value is expected to be 1, but deviations from this can be due to an association with resistance or a low number of available isolate samples. The LR+ measures the strength of association between the presence of a mutation and the drug resistance phenotype. A mutation graded as no association has no association of the mutation with phenotypic drug resistance. There is no evidence of an association between the mutation and drug resistance. LR is less than 1. These data are not visible on the CARD website, included in RGI analyses, nor available in CARD download files.
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Ezewudo M, et al. 2018. Sci Rep 8(1):15382 Integrating standardized whole genome sequence analysis with a global Mycobacterium tuberculosis antibiotic resistance knowledgebase. (PMID 30337678)