BLASTP bit-score

Accession MO:0000029
DefinitionThe BLASTP bit-score is a numerical value that describes the overall quality of an alignment. Higher numbers correspond to higher similarity. The bit-score (S) is determined by the following formula: S = (λ × S − lnK)/ ln2 where λ is the Gumble distribution constant, S is the raw alignment score, and K is a constant associated with the scoring matrix. This parameter is used by AMR detection models that use a protein reference sequence, e.g. the protein homolog model. The BLASTP bit-score parameter is a curated value determined from BLASTP analysis of the canonical reference sequence of a specific AMR-associated protein against the database of CARD reference sequence. This value establishes a threshold for computational prediction of RGI Strict match (above bit-score cut-off) or Loose match (below bit-score cut-off).
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