DnaA chromosomal replication initiation protein [AMR Gene Family]

Accession ARO:3004244
DefinitionThe DnaA family of replication initiation proteins interact with RNA polymerase to confer resistance against rifampicin anitibiotics.
Drug Classrifamycin antibiotic
Resistance Mechanismantibiotic target protection
Classification6 ontology terms | Show
Parent Term(s)2 ontology terms | Show
+ rifampin-resistant RNA polymerase-binding protein
+ confers_resistance_to_drug_class rifamycin antibiotic [Drug Class]
1 ontology terms | Show
+ DnaA

Flatten I, et al. 2009. Mol Microbiol 71(4): 1018-1030. DnaA protein interacts with RNA polymerase and partially protects it from the effect of rifampicin. (PMID 19170875)

Salguero I, et al. 2011. Microbiology (Reading, Engl.) 157(Pt 7):1955-67 Overlap of replication rounds disturbs the progression of replicating forks in a ribonucleotide reductase mutant of Escherichia coli. (PMID 21527473)