ABC-F ATP-binding cassette ribosomal protection protein

Accession ARO:3004469
DefinitionA subfamily of the ATP-binding cassette protein superfamily. Unlike other ABC proteins, ABC-F genes are not fused to a transmembrane domain nor associated with transport. It has been shown that ABC-F proteins confer antibiotic resistance via ribosomal protection and not antibiotic efflux as in other ABC proteins.
Resistance Mechanismantibiotic target protection
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Sharkey LKR, et al. 2018. ACS Infect Dis 4(3):239-246 Antibiotic Resistance ABC-F Proteins: Bringing Target Protection into the Limelight. (PMID 29376318)

Sharkey LK, et al. 2016. MBio 7(2):e01975 ABC-F Proteins Mediate Antibiotic Resistance through Ribosomal Protection. (PMID 27006457)