Accession ARO:0000067
Synonym(s)Colomycin CST polymyxin E
DefinitionColistins are polymyxin antibiotics produced by certain strains of Bacillus polymyxa var. colistinus. Colistin, also referred to as polymyxin E, is a mixture of cyclic polypeptides colistin A and B which disrupt the bacterial cell membrane and is effective against Gram-negative bacteria.
Drug Classpeptide antibiotic
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+ colistin A [Antibiotic]
+ colistin B [Antibiotic]
+ LpxD confers_resistance_to_drug
+ LpxC confers_resistance_to_drug
+ LpxA confers_resistance_to_drug
+ MexAB-OprM confers_resistance_to_drug
+ Klebsiella mutant PhoP conferring antibiotic resistance to colistin confers_resistance_to_drug
+ Pseudomonas mutant PhoQ conferring resistance to colistin confers_resistance_to_drug
+ MexAB-OprM with MexR mutations confers resistance to multiple antibiotics confers_resistance_to_drug
+ Acinetobacter mutant Lpx gene conferring resistance to colistin [AMR Gene Family] confers_resistance_to_drug

DeCrescenzo Henriksen E, et al. 2007. Lett Appl Microbiol 45(5): 491-496. Polymyxin E production by P. amylolyticus. (PMID 17958555)

Michalopoulos AS and Karatza DC. 2010. Expert Rev Anti Infect Ther 8(9): 1009-1017. Multidrug-resistant Gram-negative infections: the use of colistin. (PMID 20818945)