kitasamycin [Antibiotic]

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Accession ARO:3001227
DefinitionKitasamycin is a macrolide antibiotic and is produced by Streptoverticillium kitasatoense. The drug has antimicrobial activity against a wide spectrum of pathogens.
Drug Classmacrolide antibiotic
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Parent Term(s)1 ontology terms | Show
+ macrolide antibiotic [Drug Class]
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+ MexPQ-OpmE confers_resistance_to_antibiotic
+ MuxABC-OpmB confers_resistance_to_antibiotic

Tateda K, et al. 1991. Kansenshogaku Zasshi 65(10):1337-43 [Effect of macrolide antibiotics on human serum-bactericidal sensitivity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa S-6]. (PMID 1838760)