streptogramin B antibiotic [Drug Class]

Accession ARO:0000050
DefinitionStreptogramin B antibiotics are are cyclic hepta- or hexa-depsipeptides. Type B streptogramins block the peptide exit tunnel of the 50S bacterial ribosome. The general composition of group B streptogramins is 3-hydroxypicolinic acid-L-Thr-D-aminobutyric acid (or D-Ala)-L-Pro-L-Phe (or 4-N-,N-(dimethylamino)-L-Phe)-X-L-phenylglycine. Used alone, streptogramin B antibiotics are bacteriostatic, but is bactericidal when used with streptogramin A antibiotics.
Drug Classstreptogramin antibiotic
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+ pristinamycin IA [Antibiotic]
+ quinupristin [Antibiotic]
+ pristinamycin IB [Antibiotic]
+ virginiamycin S2 [Antibiotic]
+ pristinamycin IC [Antibiotic]
+ vernamycin C [Antibiotic]
+ patricin A [Antibiotic]
+ patricin B [Antibiotic]
+ ostreogrycin B3 [Antibiotic]
+ 50S ribosomal subunit P-site targeted_by

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