edeine F [Antibiotic]

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Accession ARO:3000136
DefinitionEdeine F is a subtype of edeine similar to edeine B with beta-tyr replaced by beta-phe-beta-ala. Edeines bind to the 30S subunit to block fMet-tRNA interaction at the P site, inhibiting protein synthesis and subsequent structure/function processes critical for life or replication.
Drug Classpeptide antibiotic
Classification3 ontology terms | Show
Parent Term(s)2 ontology terms | Show
+ edeine
+ peptide antibiotic [Drug Class]
4 ontology terms | Show
+ 30S ribosomal subunit P-site targeted_by_antibiotic
+ Edeine acetyltransferase [AMR Gene Family] confers_resistance_to_antibiotic
+ Escherichia coli 16S rRNA mutation conferring resistance to edeine confers_resistance_to_antibiotic
+ EdeQ confers_resistance_to_antibiotic

Wojciechowska H, et al. 1983. J Antibiot (Tokyo) 36(7): 793-798. The antibiotic edeine. XII. Isolation and structure of edeine F. (PMID 6615592)