30S ribosomal subunit P-site

Accession ARO:3000756
DefinitionThe P-site of the ribosome binds the peptidyl-tRNA with the growing polypeptide chain. Antibiotics that target the P-site block fMet-tRNA from entering, thus inhibiting peptide elongation.
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+ targeted_by edeine
+ 30S ribosomal subunit
+ targeted_by_antibiotic edeine A [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic edeine B [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic edeine D [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic edeine F [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic puromycin [Antibiotic]

Laursen BS, et al. 2005. Microbiol Mol Biol Rev 69(1): 101-123. Initiation of protein synthesis in bacteria. (PMID 15755955)