LMB beta-lactamase [AMR Gene Family]

Accession ARO:3005017
DefinitionLMB is an AMR Gene family belonging to subclass B3 metallo-beta-lactamases.
Drug Classpenam, cephalosporin, carbapenem
Resistance Mechanismantibiotic inactivation
Classification12 ontology terms | Show
Parent Term(s)4 ontology terms | Show
+ confers_resistance_to_drug_class penam [Drug Class]
+ confers_resistance_to_drug_class cephalosporin [Drug Class]
+ confers_resistance_to_drug_class carbapenem [Drug Class]
+ subclass B3 (metallo-) beta-lactamase
1 ontology terms | Show

Dabos L, et al. 2020. Int. J. Antimicrob. Agents 55(2):105857 LMB-1 producing Citrobacter freundii from Argentina, a novel player in the field of MBLs. (PMID 31785341)