Accession ARO:3000547
DefinitionArlRS is a two-component regulatory system for NorA. ArlS phosphorylates ArlR to promote NorA expression.
AMR Gene Familymajor facilitator superfamily (MFS) antibiotic efflux pump
Drug Classdisinfecting agents and antiseptics, fluoroquinolone antibiotic
Resistance Mechanismantibiotic efflux
Efflux Componentefflux pump complex or subunit conferring antibiotic resistance
Efflux Regulatorprotein(s) and two-component regulatory system modulating antibiotic efflux
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+ arlR part_of
+ arlS part_of

Fournier B, et al. 2000. J Bacteriol 182(3): 664-671. Expression of the multidrug resistance transporter NorA from Staphylococcus aureus is modified by a two-component regulatory system. (PMID 10633099)