adjuvants which alter physiology

Accession ARO:3007225
DefinitionA class of antibiotic adjuvants which indirectly increase antibiotic susceptibility through alterations to cellular physiology, for example those adjuvants which inhibit biofilm formation.
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+ rutin [Adjuvant]
+ citral [Adjuvant]
+ furanone [Adjuvant]
+ thioridazine [Adjuvant]
+ phenylalanine-arginine beta-naphthylamide [Adjuvant]
+ D-LANA14 [Adjuvant]
+ baicalin [Adjuvant]
+ carmoisine [Adjuvant]
+ lipoxin A4 [Adjuvant]
+ ascorbic acid [Adjuvant]
+ famotidine [Adjuvant]
+ menadione [Adjuvant]