polymyxin B

Accession ARO:3000454
DefinitionPolymyxin B is mixture of mostly polymyxins B1 and B2, mainly used for resistant gram-negative infections. They are polypeptides with cationic detergent action on cell membranes.
Drug Classpeptide antibiotic
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+ polymyxin B1 [Antibiotic]
+ polymyxin B2 [Antibiotic]
+ polymyxin B3 [Antibiotic]
+ polymyxin B4 [Antibiotic]

Cardoso LS, et al. 2007. Microb Cell Fact 6: 1. Polymyxin B as inhibitor of LPS contamination of Schistosoma mansoni recombinant proteins in human cytokine analysis. (PMID 17201926)