benzylpenicillin [Antibiotic]

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Accession ARO:3000632
Synonym(s)benzopenicillin Penicillin G
DefinitionBenzylpenicillin, commonly referred to as penicillin G, is effective against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. It is unstable in acid.
Drug Classpenam
Classification3 ontology terms | Show
Parent Term(s)1 ontology terms | Show
+ penam [Drug Class]
11 ontology terms | Show
+ beta-lactam sensitive penicillin-binding protein targeted_by_antibiotic
+ Burkholderia pseudomallei Omp38 confers_resistance_to_antibiotic
+ Rhodobacter sphaeroides ampC beta-lactamase confers_resistance_to_antibiotic
+ LAP-1 confers_resistance_to_antibiotic
+ LAP-2 confers_resistance_to_antibiotic
+ PRC-1 confers_resistance_to_antibiotic
+ Klebsiella pneumoniae OmpK35 confers_resistance_to_antibiotic
+ KBL-1 confers_resistance_to_antibiotic
+ LAQ-1 confers_resistance_to_antibiotic
+ PSZ-1 confers_resistance_to_antibiotic
+ AMZ-1 confers_resistance_to_antibiotic

Fossieck B Jr and Parker RH. 1974. J Clin Pharmacol 14(10): 504-512. Neurotoxicity during intravenous infusion of penicillin. A review. (PMID 4610013)