beta-lactam sensitive penicillin-binding protein

Accession ARO:3000749
DefinitionPenicillin-binding proteins (PBPs) are responsible for transpeptidation, joining subunits to form peptidoglycan. They are numbered according to descending molecular weight, and may vary between species. These numbers represent the PBPs of E. coli. Inhibition of the larger PBPs responsible for transpeptidation (1-3) are lethal. Smaller PBPs (4-6) are involed in carboxypeptidation; inhibition of these is non-lethal.
Drug Classcephamycin
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+ cell wall synthesis enzyme targeted by antibiotic
+ targeted_by beta-lactam antibiotic
+ targeted_by_antibiotic doripenem [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic ertapenem [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic imipenem [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic meropenem [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic cefaclor [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic cefadroxil [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic cefalexin [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic cefalotin [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic cefazolin [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic cefdinir [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic cefditoren [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic cefepime [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic cefixime [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic cefotaxime [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic cefotiam [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic cefpodoxime [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic ceftaroline [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic ceftazidime [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic ceftibuten [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic ceftobiprole [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic ceftriaxone [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic cefuroxime [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic cefoxitin [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic aztreonam [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic amoxicillin [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic ampicillin [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic azlocillin [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic benzylpenicillin [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic carbenicillin [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic cloxacillin [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic dicloxacillin [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic flucloxacillin [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic isopenicillin N [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic mecillinam [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic methicillin [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic mezlocillin [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic oxacillin [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic penicillin [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic penicillin N [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic phenoxymethylpenicillin [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic piperacillin [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic propicillin [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by cephamycin [Drug Class]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic cefmetazole [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic cefonicid [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic cefprozil [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic ceftiofur [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic ceftizoxime [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic cephapirin [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic cefradine [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic loracarbef [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic moxalactam [Antibiotic]
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Spratt BG and Cromie KD. 1988. Rev Infect Dis 10(4): 699-711. Penicillin-binding proteins of gram-negative bacteria. (PMID 3055170)