cell membrane component targeted by antibiotic

Accession ARO:3000710
DefinitionInteraction with the cell membrane phospholipids interferes with membrane permeability and integrity, leading to the leakage of cell contents. The outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria is particularly sensitive.
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+ antibiotic target
+ targeted_by_antibiotic defensin [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by polymyxin antibiotic
+ targeted_by_antibiotic gramicidin A [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic gramicidin B [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic gramicidin C [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic gramicidin S [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic magainin
+ targeted_by_antibiotic colistin A [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic colistin B [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic polymyxin B1 [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic polymyxin B2 [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic polymyxin B3 [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic polymyxin B4 [Antibiotic]
+ targeted_by_antibiotic gramicidin [Antibiotic]
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+ menaquinone [Antibiotic]

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