Accession ARO:3000515
DefinitionEvgSA is a two-component regulatory system that regulates MdtEF and EmrKY expression for multidrug resistance. EvgS is a sensor protein that phosphorylates the regulatory protein EvgA, though EvgA can be phosphorylated by other methods when it is overexpressed.
AMR Gene Familymajor facilitator superfamily (MFS) antibiotic efflux pump, resistance-nodulation-cell division (RND) antibiotic efflux pump
Drug Classtetracycline antibiotic, penam, macrolide antibiotic, fluoroquinolone antibiotic
Resistance Mechanismantibiotic efflux
Efflux Componentefflux pump complex or subunit conferring antibiotic resistance
Efflux Regulatorprotein(s) and two-component regulatory system modulating antibiotic efflux
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+ evgA part_of
+ evgS part_of

Nishino K and Yamaguchi A. 2002. J Bacteriol 184(8): 2319-2323. EvgA of the two-component signal transduction system modulates production of the yhiUV multidrug transporter in Escherichia coli. (PMID 11914367)